Black and White Rugs

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The curse of being in the interior design industry is decorating your own home. I have three children and a very busy house so spending a small fortune on an area rug makes me cringe. We currently have a very pretty cream and navy rug that if you stand far away looks AMAZING but if you were to inspect further you may find crushed goldfish crackers and unidentifiable spots. 
So needless to say we are in the market for a new rug (of course it needs to be a 9x12, talk about breaking the bank) for the living room. Here are my favorites so far...
This would be my dream rug. 
It is the Anice rug from Crate and Barrel. Check it out here.
This rug is dark and has enough pattern that I wouldn't have a heart attack if a sippy cup spilled but it also comes with a gigantic price tag so onto the runner ups...
I love how this rug looks but...
West Elm.
It would be dirty is .5 seconds and I am not even exaggerating. 
Ok so maybe this one...
School House Electric.
It may just be too much pattern for me (I can't believe I just said that).
Option 8,950...
Pottery Barn.
Only downside is that it is jute and won't be as cozy as wool. 
Ok. I give up. Stay tuned to see if I ever make up my mind.

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