Creativity was key in our latest redesign project. From modifying ikea furniture to repurposing vintage items there was an abundance DIY projects! Our favorite was this custom vintage fruit crate toy box for the girls room.

We added caster wheels to a vintage fruit crate and painted an "M" on the front with a stencil. 
This simple project took all of 20 minutes and was a hit! 

Here are the step by step instructions...

1. Make sure that the crate doesn't have any rough areas (our crate was decorated in staples). We lightly sanded a few rough spots and added a couple nails to reenforce the bottom. 

2. We then flipped the box over and screwed four caster wheels into the four bottom corners. We purchased our caster wheel from the local hardware store and make sure to use screws that were short enough to not penetrate through the bottom of the box.

3. We then printed out an "M' onto card stock and cutout the interior to create a stencil. We taped the stencil on the box and painted the "M". We made sure to take the stencil off while the paint was still lightly wet so that the paint didn't stick to the stencil. 

4. Fill with toys, shoes, stuff etc and enjoy!

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