How to Clean out Your Fridge

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It’s only December 13th and I feel like I’ve gained twice my body weight in goat cheese, French bread, scalloped potatoes, and don’t forget about the wine. The holidays are a wonderful time to bake, cook, and drink, but it always leaves me with tighter pants. So, I decided to not only clean up my diet, but to also clean out my fridge. I was storing Thanksgiving leftovers way past their acceptable expiration date, and keeping a minuscule amount of heaving whipping cream. To say the least, it was time. I needed everything to be clean.


Here is a photo before the fridge makeover…



… during …



…and after the magic happened.

Step by step, I ended up with a clean fridge and deliciously healthy foods.
  1. Don’t panic :: Cleaning out a dirty fridge is intimidating, especially if it’s been awhile. Just take a deep breath and turn on your favorite tunes (*cough cough* Adele’s new album).
  1. Remove ALL items from the refrigerator – even the drawers and shelves.
  1. Throw away food :: Take pleasure in tossing out expired food, molded berries, food you haven’t eaten in days, leaky cartons, etc.
  1. Clean drawers and shelves :: Give your drawers and shelves a bubble bath in the kitchen sink by mixing 2 tablespoons baking soda and 4 cups of hot water in a bowl. Then, with a towel or sponge, scrub the entire surfaces. Don’t use soap, because the scent will absorb in the food! Lastly, use a towel to dry completely.
  1. Clean doors :: By mixing dishwashing soap and water, use a sponge to scrub all crevices, sides, and angles of the doors. Bye bye bye greasy fingerprints.
  1. Put back food that you’re going to use in the future :: This includes condiments, salad dressings, and things that are still worth keeping.
  1. Go shopping for healthy groceries :: I went a little crazy on the leafy greens. Kale is my new best friend.
  1. Re-organizing your fridge :: Here is a general rule of thumb below.
              Door: condiments, salad dressings, coffee creamers, etc.
              Top drawers: liquids, juices, other condiments (such as jams and jellies), fruits,
              and veggies
              Middle drawers: easy access and pre-made foods
              Bottom drawer: meats and cheeses
After these cleansing steps, I felt like I had a brand new fridge! Good luck and happy cleaning!

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