We were so excited about the beautiful weather in Coronado and that Spring has finally arrived, we just couldn't resist throwing a party.

We spent an afternoon prepping for this exciting event.

We found these stylish tea cups at Anthropologie and headed straight to our go to girls at Root 75.  They then filled them with these whimsical pale palette bouquets perfect for our Spring theme. Try saying that sentence that three times as fast!

Painting eggs is always one of the most fun tasks of an Easter party and often the messiest! We love all the paint colors in the Martha Stewart paint line and used them to decorate our eggs. A few of them even got dressed up in champagne and silver colored glitter to add some sparkle to our day.

Another one of our fab finds were these vintage looking Weck handmade glass jars from West Elm! We filled them with Cadbury chocolate eggs and gave them out as favors. I am actually surprised they made it to the table because we snacked on them more than a few times during prep time, just to make sure they weren't poisonous!

These girls look like they are having a horrible time! 

Meet Ava. How could we resist this face? Yes, my dear you can have another cookie! Don't tell your Mom.

All the girls at this party seemed to be having a great time. They were so cute that they almost became the party favors!

Happy Spring! We hope you have as much fun this weekend with your families as we did!

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