This past weekend we planned a party for an adorable 7 year old girl. We kept the colors bright, the decor simple and the food delicious.  

We made vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting along with a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. We used mason jars with our daisy cut mason jar lids (buy here) for party favors. The babies got colorful goldfish while the big kids enjoyed skittles. These little favors were perfect because they can be used as drinking glasses once the treats are gone. 

We made some delicious sangria for the adults and homemade lemonade for the kiddos. 

We served pesto pasta salad, fresh fruit, bbq chicken, and a fresh green salad.

To top off the chocolate cake we made a colorful cake topper out of paper straws and paper bunting. The candle was a "7" sparkler that had the kids oohhhing and awwwing. 

Happy Birthday Lola!!!

All photographs by Kristen Vincent Photography. Check out her website here!

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